Tax Refund? Three Smart ways to reinvest in your business

Put Your Tax Refund to Use with Three Smart Ways to Optimize Your Website!

Did you get a tax refund this year? If so, join the majority of small business owners that opt to re-invest their refund on website improvements! Remember, your website if often the first impression people get of your business and services. It’s a great time to update the look and feel and drive more business. Here are three smart and cost-effective ways you can put that refund to use:

  1. Revamp the look and feel
    You may be surprised at how affordable a re-design and content refresh of your existing website can be! Sometimes, it’s as simple as updating the homepage design and refreshing the headings and content. We offer packages starting at just a few hundred dollars, which goes a long way when it comes to your online presence, and how people view your business.
  2. Add Social Media or Simple SEO
    You may have some social media presence, but is it being effectively incorporated into your website? There are a few simple strategies we can integrate to your website to increase traffic and social media activity. And with some basic Search Engine Optimization, you will improve search rankings and drive business to your site.
  3. Backup Services
    Is your site being backed up, so you don’t lose important data should your site be hacked or crash? For only $99/year, you can ensure that your website is backed up, in case anything happens. This is a very smart and affordable service you can add at any time to give you peace of mind.

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PC Pierce has very affordable options for all of the ideas above, and we’d love to work together to help you refresh and optimize your website. Just contact us to get started.