Is your website working for you? 10 Ways to find out.

Your website might not be on the top of your priorities, but it is increasingly one of the most important factors in driving new business. How do you know if your website is working for you? We’ve put together 10 key questions to ask to know if it’s time for a website re-design:

  1. Does your homepage communicate what you want it to?
    Your homepage is a person’s first impression of your business, and often where they decide to keep looking or go to the next site. You want to be sure the homepage communicates exactly what you do, what your value proposition is, and why someone should choose you over other competitors.
  2. Is your call to action converting visitors into leads or customers?
    Do you have a clear course of action for a visitor to take the next steps? Whether is to contact you for a quote, fill out an information form, or schedule an appointment, it needs to be obvious and easy for a visitor to take action, or you could be missing out on new business.
  3. Is your content too text-heavy or too corporate?
    It’s easy to get wordy when describing your company’s products or services. You have a lot to say about it! But a reader likes to scan, and rarely takes the time to read through all of the content. You want to be sure you have clear headings with key messages that are easy to read and understand. A simple refresh of your existing content is sometimes all it takes!
  4. Do the site’s look and feel convey your company’s mission/values, and does it resonate with your target audience?
    When someone visits your website, does it reflect who you are as a company? If the photos are old, or the site has a dated look and feel, you may be communicating the wrong values to your customers. If you want a potential customer to see you as a leader and high quality, your website should reflect that.
  5. Is your site navigation confusing?
    You want to be sure that people can get to the information they need quickly. A clear and simple navigation will help visitors easily get around your website and right to the information they were looking for, which increases retention. If someone can’t easily find what they are looking for, they are likely to drop off, and look elsewhere (most likely a competitor).
  6. How does your site compare to your competitors?
    If their site communicate their value better than yours, or they make changes that improve their rankings substantially and end up pushing you down in searches, it’s likely time to make some alterations to your site.
  7. Can users access your site easily from a mobile device?
    More than 17% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. If your site hasn’t been optimized to offer a great user experience on a mobile device, you could be losing valuable leads.
  8. Does your website load quickly and are all of the widgets updated?
    If your site is like most out there, you’ve embedded third-party tools that improve its functionality, such as shopping cart widgets. But, if some (or all) of these tools on your site aren’t up to modern functionality standards, you’re best off updating them.
  9. Have you incorporated social media into your site?
    If your website doesn’t feature social media in some way, you need to. Including links to your social network profiles is the bare minimum you should include – even better is adding social sharing tools that make it easy for users to share, tweet or pin your content. This simple addition can help make it easier for users to connect with you socially and spread the word about your business via their social networks.
  10. Have you optimized content to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
    You want to be sure people find your site first when searching for certain keywords. Some basic SEO can improve your search rankings tremendously. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a few keywords into your website headings or content.

If any of these questions resonated with you….it’s probably time to engage in a quick discussion about your website. At PC Pierce, we can do anything from a simple refresh to a complete redesign, with packages starting at just a few hundred dollars. Contact us today to get a complimentary analysis of your site and some fresh ideas on how to improve it!