Where We Came From & Who We Are

“Making you stand out… It’s what we are here for.”

Today’s marketing and web technologies can be a headache. One of the reasons I started PC Pierce 15 years ago, was to take the headaches away and make it smooth and simple for you.

I started PC Pierce as a small web design business in Fresno, CA and then transitioned to the Bay area. After working in the Bay area for a number of years and seeing how marketing and web technologies could benefit companies, I brought that knowledge and experience back to the Valley in an effort to benefit our local businesses.

Whether sitting down with a client and teaching them some basic ways to keep their website up-to-date or being a full-service marketing company for them, we strive to make their marketing efforts an asset for their business.

We strongly believe in success and we believe that good design coupled with strategic thinking creates success.